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Comment by Philip Ball. What is an embryo? Scientists say definition needs to change. Nature. 18 August 2023

Technology feature by Vivien Marx. Nature Methods. Modeling the early embryo. 2022 Jun. PMID: 35668197

Research highlight by Kim Baumann. Nature Review Molecular Cell Biology. A role model for the human blastocyst. December 14, 2021.

Article from Alok Javali, a co-inventor of the human blastoid. The Node. The making of... human blastoids. December 9, 2021.

Article from Laura Ungar. Associated Press. Scientists use stem cells to create models of pre-embryos. December 3, 2021

Human embryo models. GB News. December 2021.

Podcast about human blastoids “ISSCR 2021 Day 5”. The stem cell podcast. June 26, 2021.

Examining the State of the Science of Mammalian Embryo Model Systems. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine of the U.S.A. proceedings. January 2020.

The scientific and biomedical perspectives opened by stem cell-based embryo models are discussed, including for blastoids. 

Blastoid: the backstory of the formation of blastocyst-like structure solely from stem cells. The Node. June 27, 2018.


Ep. 118: “Synthetic Embryos” Featuring Nicolas Rivron. The Stem cell podcastJune 5, 2018.

Analysis from Patrick Tam on [Rivron NC et al., Nature 2018 , 557(7703):106-111]. F1000Prime, 24 May 2018.


Synthetic embryos made from stem cells. BBC World News. Live interview. 3 May 2018.

Discussion about the ethics and applications of the blastoid system.

Scientists build 'synthetic embryos. BBC News. 3 May 2018.

Scientists have built "synthetic" embryos in their laboratory using mouse cells other than sperm and eggs.

Artificial embryo created using only stem cells. CNN3 May 2018.

Embryo-like structure synthesized in a lab could help decipher infertility.

Building early embryos. Nature Podcast. 3 May 2018.

Discussion with the people from Nature Podcast about the blastoid system.

Expert reaction to study reporting the development of embryo-like. Science media centre. 2 May 2018.

Comments from Prof. Robin Lovell-Badge (The Francis Crick Institute), Dr. Teresa Rayon (The Francis Crick Institute), Dr. Dusko Ilic (King's College London), Dr. Harry Leitch (MRC London institute), and Prof. Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz (University of Cambridge).

Scientists Have Created Synthetic Embryos. Fortune3 May 2018.

Here's What That Could Mean for Humans.

Ethicists strike alarm about synthetic embryos: "There are no rules yet". Volkskrant newspaper. 15 Apr 2017  

The Volkskrant is a Dutch daily morning newspaper..

Building organs, block by block. NRC Hasselblad. 12 Nov, 2016  NRC is an internationally oriented daily evening newspaper published in the Netherland.

Shaping cells to mature together. Science. 15 Apr 2016. Comment by Marc Lavine on our paper Advance Material paper. DOI10.1002/adma.201505723 (2016).

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